Why not take advantage of Halfords FREE first six week bike service when you buy a built bike from us in store?

Once you?ve picked up your bike from Halfords, it?s important to keep it in top condition. A bike that?s lacking a little TLC could eventually lead to costly repairs.

Annual bike service - from 49.99

bike build for free

If the idea of fitting your bike together at home fills you with fear, then let Halfords trained mechanics sort it for you.

Just buy your bike for collection in store, then let our bike hut staff get your bike safe and ready for you to ride away.

*We build free on all bikes apart from Trax which we can build from 9.99.

six week service for free when you buy a built bike in store.

So, if you?re out on your bike often you?ll want to check everything?s still working as it should.

Our trained specialists will give your bike a thorough 20 point check to make sure everything?s still working as it should be.

parts servicing

As well as full bike servicing, if you just want your suspension or brakes looked at we can carry out parts only servicing.

Annual Bike Service - 49.99

We?ll carry out an extensive 33 point check covering everything from tyres to checking brake alignment.

Elite Bike Service - 79.99

Includes all the point checks covered in the annual service as well as cleaning, greasing and lubricating your wheels, chains and headsets.

Suspension Servicing - from 19.99

Brake & Gear Servicing - from 29.99


Getting a bike is all about personalising it and making it your own.

If you don?t like your seat and want a more comfortable one why not change it? What about those pedals, are they too dull? Then check out Halfords range of pedals to find one more suited to you.

Halfords have a great selection of bike accessories, and as an incentive if you get your bike built in store we?ll fit them for FREE.

bike repairs

When everything goes a little pear shaped out on the trail, or when that pothole gets the better of you Halfords are here to help.

Simply pop down to your local Halfords store. There we?ll check whether your bike is repairable on the day, or whether we need to keep it longer.

tyres & wheel repairs - from 4.99 gear repairs - from 5.99 brake repairs - from 5.99 general repairs - from 4.99

bike repai

Halfords have a range of care plans to suit everyone.

After a one off payment you can enjoy free maintenance and repairs on your bike. Our plans range from one year up to three, so there?s plenty of choice.

Care plans - 19.99

Our plans cover:

Kids bikes, adult bikes, family, BMX and non-Halfords bikes.

we can order bikes

Sometimes you can?t always find what you?re after in store, when that happens

One of our helpful staff can usually order the part or brand you want within 48 hours.

If you fancy, once the part has arrived in store you can even get one of our trained staff to fit it for you.