What is a Travel System?

They are one solution from getting the baby home from hospital in their infant carrier (a requirement) and can last until the child is around 17kg in weight (around 3-4 years old) - although sometimes even heavier.

Why buy a Travel System?

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    Travel systems are very handy when out and about, as you can use the infant carrier car seat to move your sleepy little one from car to stroller and back again without disturbing them.

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    The travel system package can offer a real advantage to parents as it guarantees that the parts will fit together without any fuss.

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    Travel systems also come in a variety of options and prices, each with their own style and features, so it should be possible to find one to suit both your needs and budget.

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    Travel systems give parents the freedom to add an infant car seat to wheels and transport a baby easily and safely outside of the car.

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How do I fit a car seat?

Look no further. Our trained in-store professionals are able to demo you how to fit our new Travel Systems into your car and keep you moving, safetly and securely.

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