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At Halfords we stock a range of battery sizes, that are competitively priced and available in small and larger quantities. With top brands such as Energizer and Duracell, as well as our very own brand, we’ll keep your little one’s toys topped up or save you from the aggravating situation of the TV remote going flat.

As well as non-rechargeable batteries, we also stock rechargeable batteries. While they cost more initially and require a charger, they work out much more cost effective in the long run. They also cut down on waste and are better for the environment, as well as providing a consistent voltage, whereas disposable batteries tend to tail off towards the end of their life.

As well as the common AA and AAA batteries, we also stock button/coin cell batteries that are typically used in remotes and keyfobs.

Keep your battery draw stocked up and order batteries online, or choose to click and collect in one of our stores.