Balance Bikes

Teach your child how to balance with a balance bike from Halfords. Also known as toddler bikes, these bikes are specially designed to teach your little one the art of balancing before they learn to pedal and brake. Our Kids Bike Buying Guide will give you more information on design, size, price and features. Ideal for children first finding their feet, balance bikes are the most effective way to prepare your child for cycling without stabilisers when they’re older. Shop our exciting range below or check out the Kids Bike Hub for all the different themes ranging from Trunki to Disney.

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  • Child Height: 88 - 97cm. Age Guide: First Bike

    88 - 97cm
    First Bike

  • Child Height: 98 - 104cm. Age Guide: 3-5 years

    98 - 104cm
    3-5 years

  • Child Height: 105 - 111cm. Age Guide: 4-6 years

    105 - 111cm
    4-6 years

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