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Experience a more efficient commute with a folding bike from Halfords. Extremely handy, compact and easy to pack away, a fold up bike is an essential piece of kit for commuting and social riding. Whether it’s in the boot of your car, stored in your caravan, on public transport or even under your desk, there’s no ignoring the immense practicality that comes with a fold up bike. Learn about our range of top folding bikes for sale below.

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    Folding Bikes ​Buyers Guide

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    Folding E-Bikes ​Buyers Guide

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    Brompton Bikes Buyers Guide

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Klarna financial company Spread the cost From £13.38 per month
Save up to £216.20 with Cycle2work
Klarna financial company Spread the cost From £13.38 per month
Save up to £216.20 with Cycle2work
Klarna financial company Spread the cost From £13.38 per month
Save up to £216.20 with Cycle2work
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Our Range of Folding Bikes

Our range includes the most renowned names in the world of folding bikes and folding electric bikes. Featuring Brompton, Carrera, Apollo and Raleigh, Halfords combines the best brands and the latest bikes with affordable prices.

Brompton Folding Bikes

With a choice of Brompton bikes in a range of colours and designs, finding one that suits your style and preferences is easy. Expertly designed, when purchasing a Brompton folding bike you can expect excellent build quality, top spec components and a long-lasting bike that will serve you well. They are tough, versatile and can handle everything the city throws at them.

Electric Folding Bikes

If it's a folding electric bike you're looking for, then Carrera and Apollo are our go-to brands. These bikes are a great option if you have a long way to commute, or are frequently cycling with a heavy rucksack. And if you're riding in the city, you'll avoid congestion charges too!

With an integrated electric motor to help you out while pedalling, electric bikes will provide a less strenuous alternative to traditional road bikes or mountain bikes. And what's more, they're compact too, which means that packing them away to charge or store on public transport is easily done. And when it comes to charging, both our electric folding bikes can achieve at least 20 miles off a single charge, and maxing out at a speed of 15.5mph. On a budget? No worries, because our electric folding bikes are under £1000!

How to Order a Folding Bike Online

All our foldable bikes are available on our 0% APR finance, allowing you to split the cost of your bike into smaller payments. To ensure you get your products hassle-free, experience our trusted delivery or click & collect service at checkout. And if you're collecting your bike at your local Halfords store, we'll even build it for you for free! Need help choosing the correct folding bike? Check out our folding bike buyers guide for more information.