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We understand the importance of owning a bike that gives you confidence and happiness at every jump, corner and drop. That’s why at Halfords, we offer an extensive range of trials, enduro and cross-country full-suspension mountain bikes from the top brands in the world of cycling. A full suspension (FS) mountain bike is made from two pieces (the front triangle & the rear triangle), which are joined by pivots on the bike frame. This design allows the bike to move independently and allows for a softer ride as the movement is controlled by the suspension shock absorbers.

Our range consists of both men’s and women’s bikes from the likes of Falcon, Boardman, Boss, Voodoo and Apollo. We stock a variety of bikes in different shapes and frame sizes. From a professional-level lightweight downhill trials bike with Suntour Raidon forks and Tektro brakes, to a hardtail Mountain bikes equipped with Shimano gears - perfect for beginners. So whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned pro, we’ve got you covered every inch of the way. To ensure you’re safe and well protected on your cycling adventures, see our complete range of cycling accessories. and if you're still stuck you can read out handy guide to find out what mountain bike is right for you

Get hold of your products quicker than ever with Halfords click & collect service. What’s more, all bikes available online can be built by our team of experts at your local Halfords store . Plus, our bike finance options allow you to split the cost of your new bike into smaller payments, meaning you can experience the great outdoors sooner than you imagined. Still unsure which full suspension MTB to choose? No worries, take a look at our beginners guide to mountain biking, where you’ll find important information on full suspension wheel sizes, tyre types, and even the best MTB trails centres for near you!

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes FAQs

Check out our most commonly asked questions, each one will help you better understand how to find the perfect Full Suspension Mountain Bike for you.

Whether you need a full suspension or hardtail mountain bike will depend on the type of riding you’ll be doing.

Full suspension bikes are designed to provide the ultimate off-road trail experience. Able to keep their wheels in contact with the trail more easily, they are easier to control and ultimately faster on technical trails.

A hardtail mountain bike will be faster over smoother terrain and more efficient for longer cross-country rides.

If you’re looking for the best performance wherever your bike may take you, a full suspension bike is the best choice.

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If you’re new to mountain biking, you’ll find that your skills progress really quickly, and it’s important to get a full suspension mountain bike that will allow you to push your riding to its limits.

Here are a couple of things you should look out for when choosing your first full suspension mountain bike:

  • Air suspension – Air suspensions can be altered according to your weight and riding style to provide optimal performance, and it’s best to look for a bike with both an air fork and an air shock.
  • 1x drivetrain – While full suspension mountain bikes can have one, two or three chainrings, it’s usually best to opt for a one chainring set-up. Doing so gives you faster shifting and allows you to concentrate more on the trail than your gearing!
  • Components – Try to stick to bikes that stock high-quality brands such as SRAM or Shimano.
  • If this is your first venture into mountain biking, our range of Carrera full suspension mountain bikes is a great place to start. However, if you’ve honed your skills on a hardtail and are looking to step up your riding, our offerings from Voodoo and Boardman will help you take your riding to the next level.

Like a full suspension mountain bike, there are lots of situations where a hardtail may be a better option.

Because they don’t absorb as much of the energy when pushing the bike through corners with your legs, hardtails can be really efficient on smooth, flowy trails.

Longer days in the saddle on cross country rides will also be easier thanks to the reduced weight and the better pedalling efficiency of a hardtail.

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The quickest route to your local trails will often involve riding on a road, so there’s certainly no problem with enjoying some smooth tarmac before tackling a trail.

However, if you’re going to be riding primarily on roads and cycle paths, a hardtail will be a better option. This is because hardtails benefit from a lower weight and improved pedalling efficiency on the flat.

Whatever type of riding you’re doing, a helmet is a must!

Specific trail helmets are a great choice as they’re designed to keep your head well protected. If you’re pushing on challenging terrain, a full-face helmet will provide added protection.

You’ll also want your bike to perform to its optimum level and getting your tyre pressures right can make all the difference out on the trail - so a pump with a pressure gauge is a good idea. Likewise, setting your suspension up correctly can transform the way your bike performs. For air suspensions, you’ll need a specialised shock pump to do this.

And don’t forget ride essentials like a hydration bag. Not only will it help you keep on top of hydration, but it’ll provide a convenient place to store other essentials such as spare inner tubes, tools and snacks.

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Like buying any bike, it’s important to get the correct size mountain bike.

An oversized bike will feel sluggish to control, and the front end of the bike will be too far forward, so you’ll struggle to shift your weight around on technical sections. An undersized bike will feel cramped and with your weight too far back, the front of the bike is likely to feel light on climbs.

Sizing varies between bikes and brands so you’re best to refer to the size guides on each bike’s page to find the right size for you.

Halfords offers an extensive range of services for all types of bikes, and the team at your local Halfords store will be able to assist with all your regular maintenance needs.

We also have specialised services such as dropper post fitting and tubeless tyre set up.

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