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Introduce your child to the joys of cycling with a quality kids bike from Halfords. We pride ourselves on having one of the largest and most versatile ranges that features a bike for each stage of your child’s development. And with over 100 years experience in the industry, we have the expertise required to match your little one with the perfect ride. Shop our exciting range of kids bikes below.

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With such an extensive range, we can almost guarantee that you'll find the perfect bike for your little one. We offer a great selection of kids bikes near you at our stores up and down with UK, alongside girls and boys bikes from top brands in our online store. If your child has just started learning, a balance bike is what you need, as it will teach your child the art of balancing before they learn to pedal and brake. Once your child can balance on two wheels, pedalling and braking are next, and this is where the fun really starts!

Suitable for ages 3+, our smaller children's bikes feature stabilisers which can easily be removed when your child grows in confidence. The option to remove stabilisers will also help to prepare your child when they upgrade to a bigger bike. But not only will our smaller kids bikes improve your child's riding ability, but they also look great too, featuring some of the coolest designs from the likes of Disney, Kiddimoto, Raleigh and Apollo, with the latter consisting of additional safety features such as a full chainguard.

When your child is ready to transition to a junior kids bike, they will have the freedom and tools to experience off-road riding. The introduction to suspension forks and larger wheels will allow your child to explore rougher terrain while remaining comfortable and in control. Our junior bikes from Apollo and Carrera bring adult levels of comfort, safety and per