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About our mountain bike range

Ready for your first adrenaline-packed trail experience? Already addicted to the trails and want to conquer your next challenge and push yourself to new levels of performance? No problem! Our range of mountain bikes are perfect for every type of rider, whatever your needs. You'll find mountain bikes with the newest technology and innovations, all from the best brands.

Looking for the perfect beginner bike? For a lightweight ride ideal for beginners, we have a wide selection of front suspension (hardtail) & full suspension mountain bikes. The front suspension will help create a smooth ride, perfect whether riding on the trails or along local paths. All our entry-level bikes pack the latest technology into an affordable package & so you will be equipped with the best possible mountain bike to start your cycling adventure. Entry-level models are available from a range of brands, from Apollo and Boss to the more advanced Carrera range.

Already got the trail bug and want to challenge yourself by riding faster, further, and harder than ever before? You'll need a bike up for the challenge, and here at Halfords, we have a range of full suspension mountain bikes that will help. Ready to conquer the most challenging downhills and trails, the full suspensions result in an agile ride, allowing you to remain planted as you race downhill. These premium mountain bikes come with high-quality components, from reliable brands such as SRAM and Shimano. Explore our full range of premium mountain bikes from Boardman, Voodoo and Carrera (plus many others) now!

If you are not sure whether a mountain bike is for you, or are worried it will be too tiring, we have the ultimate solution the e-bike solution! Providing an extra boost whenever you need it, electric mountain bikes have inbuilt motors. These motors are located in the rear hub or drivetrain and will help you ride up even the most challenging hills. Easy to charge, electric mountain bike batteries have a variety of ranges & so you'll even find options for the longest, most challenging rides. From the Carrera Vengeance Electric Mountain Bike to the Voodoo Bizango E-Shimano Electric Mountain Bike, we have an e-bike for you & whatever your needs.

Make sure to compliment your new mountain bike with must-have accessories. From mountain bike shoes and helmets to maintenance equipment and bike lights, we have all your needs covered. Plus, with Klarna finance available, you can choose to split the cost of your bike and any accessories into more manageable payments. All bikes available online can be built in store at your local Halfords & which means those exhilarating and memorable outdoor adventures are (literally) just around the corner. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at our full mountain bike range above or find a Halfords mountain bike shop near you and our team will be happy to help you out.

Still not sure which MTB is right for you? Take a look at our MTB buyers guide for help. It provides useful techniques for improving your mountain biking skills, along with a mountain bike size guide for choosing the right size bike.

Once you've picked the perfect bike, use our handy guide to the best MTB trail centres for beginners to plan your first ride.

Mountain Bike FAQs

Check out our most commonly asked questions, each one will help you better understand how to find the perfect Mountain bike for you.

There are lots of things to consider when buying a new mountain bike, and one of the key factors is finding the correct size.

Riding a bike that’s too small will leave you feeling cramped with your weight too far back, which can make the front of the bike feel light on climbs. On the flip side, an oversized bike is hard to control as you’ll be stretching and will struggle to move your weight around.

Finding the right size is easy. Simply click on the tape measure icon located on all mountain bike product pages and we’ll provide a size recommendation.

You can also find a guide to bike sizing here.

Mountain bike frames are usually measured in inches, and this refers to the length of the seat tube (the distance from the bottom bracket to the top of the seat tube). However, mountain bike frame sizes can be confusing, so most manufacturers make things simpler by listing the sizes in small, medium and large. They’ll then have size guides helping you find the perfect size.

You can find a detailed guide to mountain bike frame sizes and how to measure a mountain bike frame here.

There are various types of mountain biking, from adrenaline-inducing downhills to less technical cross country. However, mountain bikes can go anywhere, and riders will often take advantage of a mountain bike’s comfort to use it for their commute or tow-path jaunts.

Each type of riding places different demands on a rider and a bike, so you need a bike that’s designed for that type of riding. Some of the key things to consider when deciding which mountain bike you need include:

  • Frame – these are usually made from robust materials to handle any knocks. It’s important to find a frame that’s comfortable for you and your style of riding, and getting the right size frame is one of the most important factors when buying a new mountain bike. Find out more about mountain bike sizing here.
  • Wheels and tyres – there are two common wheel sizes used on mountain bikes: 27.5-inch and 29-inch (some still use 26-inch wheels, but these are rare). A bigger wheel will give a smoother ride while a smaller wheel is more agile.
  • Gears – mountain bikes usually have a wider range of gears. More premium set-ups often combine a wide range with just 1 gear at the front, making it easier to shift quickly through while focusing on trail riding.
  • Suspension – Hardtail v full suspension v no suspension – it’s one of the biggest questions we encounter. If you’ll be tackling technical trails, a full suspension will provide the highest levels of performance. For other types of riding, a hardtail can be a good option.

That’s a quick overview of a few key considerations, but you can find an in-depth guide on how to choose a mountain bike here.

A mountain bike runs more smoothly if it’s clean, plus regular cleaning will extend the lifespan of components.

That’s why you should clean your bike regularly.

Make sure you use specialised products including a degreaser for the chain, cleaning spray suitable for frames, and brushes to get into any hard-to-reach corners. If your bike has disc brakes, these will also require a specific disc brake cleaning spray as other cleaning products will contaminate the brake pads. You can find all the cleaning products you need here

For a more in-depth guide to bike cleaning, check out our step-by-step guide on how to clean a bike.

You may need to remove your mountain bike’s pedals at some point, whether it’s for maintenance or to replace them.

Most pedals need a 6mm or 8mm allen key, although some require a pedal spanner. Once you’ve located the right tool, try loosening the pedal. Be careful as, if the pedal wasn’t greased before fitting, it may be very tight.

The key thing to remember is both pedals have threads that rotate in different directions. The one on the drive side (with the gears on) has a traditional thread and you need to rotate left to loosen. For the left-sided pedal you need to rotate right.

Make sure you rotate the correct direction otherwise you could end up overtightening the pedal.

You can find all the tools you need including allen keys and pedal spanners here

If your chain is dropping, jumping or simply not shifting smoothly, you need to adjust your mountain bike’s gears.

We have a full guide and video on adjusting mountain bike gears here.

Alternatively, you can let our experts take care of it for you. You can learn more on our bike brake services.

Keeping your chain in tip-top condition is important, not just for performance, but for extending the durability of components.

To clean a chain, you’ll need a specialised degreaser. This will remove any oil and other dirt or muck.

Once you’ve sprayed this on the chain, use a brush to thoroughly scrub between all the links, removing any dirt or grime. Alternatively, you can also use a chain cleaning device to make the job even easier. After you’ve given it a thorough clean, rinse it down with water.

Next, it’s time to prepare the chain for riding. Dry it down using a cloth. Once dry, apply chain lube on the inside of the chain (the side that contacts the cassette and chainring). Finish by wiping off any excess lube as any dirt or grime will stick to this.

You can find all the cleaning products you need here