As hard as it might be to believe, the electric bike has been around for over 120 years, with the American inventor Ogden Bolton Jnr. first introducing it in 1895. However, it wasn’t until the last ten years that this technology has really caught on.

Yet, despite the growing popularity in e-bikes, there are still some that believe it’s cheating. If you share this opinion or are relatively new to the e-bike concept, you might want to read our quick list of benefits below – it might just change your mind…

Get fitter

That’s right, getting fitter is one of the many benefits of using an e-bike! A recent study made by the University of Colorado Boulder revealed that volunteers who used e-bikes on their commute to work for a month showed an improved aerobic capacity and blood sugar control!

While they might not hit the same intensity levels as a regular bike, they are a significantly healthier alternative to cars and buses.

Tackle climbs with ease  

Not every cyclist wants to feel the burn when they embark on a steep hill climb. Electric bikes can make things a lot easier.

The Carrera Vulcan E-Bike and Vengeance E-Bike boast some serious pedal power, making an ascent feel more like a descent. So you can get a bit of exercise without feeling like you have lead legs all day!

Do your bit for the environment

Electric bikes offer a more accessible alternative to using your car or a motorbike.

With that in mind, by causing no air pollution, you’re actually playing a big part in helping the environment. (Go you!)

Arrive fresher

E-bikes enable you to commute or take in the sights without working up a real sweat, which is ideal if you’re on a date or trying to get to work!

We highly recommend the Carrera Crossfire E-Bike for ease. It can assist your travel up to 15.5mph, while its drive system makes hill rides an absolute breeze.

Take your e-bike wherever you go

E-bikes can also be perfect when it comes to transportation. In particular, the Carrera Crosscity E-Bike is foldable, meaning you can take it on the train or in a car if needed. This could come in handy if the weather takes a turn for the worse when you’re at work or you’re in a big rush to get somewhere.

You have no limits

Our final reason why e-bikes aren’t cheating and in fact benefit us is the fact you can ride where ever and with whoever. For example, a novice should, in theory, have the extra assistance to maintain a good pace with a more experienced cyclist. While the motor will give riders the potential to go further without exerting more energy. So, you can see more and exercise more!

Happy e-trails!