If icy roads, horizontal rain and a consistent level of grime that seems to coat every inch of your bike aren’t enough to deter you from winter rides, then at least keep yourself warm with a proper winter cycling jacket!

Insulated and weatherproof cycling jackets can be real lifesavers, allowing you to spend less energy on staying warm and more on driving the pedals. They’ll also do a good job of keeping you comfortable, with sheet rain gliding straight off waterproof cycling jackets and specialist materials blocking out wintry gusts. Here are 5 great cycling jackets that will help you survive winter’s worst.

  1. Ridge Men’s Casual Reflective Cycling Jacket

 Ridge winter cycling jacket    

If you commute to work on your bike, then this great value multi-purpose cycling rain jacket is perfect for a variety of weathers. With lightweight water-resistant fabric and mesh lining that draws moisture away from your body, you won’t end up drenched in sweat on those milder, drizzly autumn days, and the built-in hood is ideal if you get caught in a shower! The super-reflective finish on the front and back of the cycling jacket will also help you to stay safe on dull afternoons and early evenings too.


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  1.  Altura Airstream Windproof Cycling Jacket

 Altura Airstream Winter Cycling Jacket

Cycling on windy days is tough enough in the summer, so things only get worse when Arctic blasts make an appearance! Luckily, this Airstream Windproof Cycling Jacket from Altura is great at blocking out even the coldest breezes.

Benefiting from Altura Shield™ technology, this specialist lightweight material keeps wind off your torso while still providing great breathability. The cycling jacket also uses Altura Darkproof® technology to provide superior retro reflectivity, so you’ll be seen easily even on unlit roads. Our favourite features however are the built-in silicon grips that prevent this superb cycling jacket from riding up as you pedal!


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  1.  FORCE X80 Softshell Cycling Jacket

FORCE X80 Softshell Cycling Jacket

On those cold, wet and miserable rides, this high-tech water and windproof cycling jacket will keep the weather out and the heat in. The smart softshell fabric and SuperRoubaix warm Lycra do a great job of drawing away sweat while keeping out up to 3000mm worth of rain! The contrasting inner lining also provides extra windproofing, making this FORCE X80 winter cycling jacket a great choice for any kind of rider.


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Get your bike ready for darker nights with a free bike safety check on us!

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  1. Proviz Reflect 360+ Cycling Jacket


Proviz Reflect 360+ Cycling Jacket

Cycling to and from work on darker nights and mornings can be dangerous, so turn yourself into a roadside beacon with a Provis Reflect 360+ cycling jacket! This fully waterproof cycling jacket is made from highly reflective silver material will shine brightly in car headlights, letting other road users know exactly where you are. The additional pockets are also extra handy for storing hats and gloves.


Remember to pair your reflective Provis cycling jacket with a set of bike lights, which are a legal requirement. Check out our best bike lights article for more info.


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  1. Boardman Mens Reflective Waterproof Cycling Jacket

 Boardman Mens Reflective Waterproof Cycling Jacket

Boardman bikes have built a reputation for performance and their range of cycling clothing is designed with the same ethos in mind. This fully waterproof jacket is the perfect wet weather companion, with taped seams and breathable fabric keeping you dry both inside and out. Although the black finish may make it seem unsuitable for night-time riding, the sleeves are actually highly reflective in car headlights and under streetlamps, so you’ll be seen and safe in the dark!


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These brilliant bike jackets will keep you nice and toasty this winter, but you should definitely check out our full range of bike clothing too, including winter essentials like bike gloves, cycling socks and cycling thermal layers.

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