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Cosatto create award-winning, life-enhancing products with intelligent functions, to make your life a breeze.

As a parent, the safety of your child is the ultimate priority – Cosatto's above and beyond testing and careful product development, means you'll rest assured that your child is safe when you choose Cosatto.

Working with one of the UK's leading University Baby Labs, Cosatto are driving the development of products that are better for babies.

Cosatto Prams and Car Seats, harness early sensory skills with patterns and designs that encourage engagement and curiosity between your child and the world.

Cosatto are working to continuously redevelop their iconic bestsellers forgoing nothing in the drive for perfection.

At the Cosatto in-house studio, their brilliant designers are parents too and know what really works - they care passionately about design, colour, pattern and carefully select the best textiles to create beautiful engaging designs.

Cosatto's famous baby-friendly symbols and characters are carefully positioned for optimum engagement with your baby.

Cosatto give you peace of mind when it comes to your child's safety, thanks to their added security measures, such as the tailored anti-escape harness and the world-class intensive aftercare service, and with an industry leading 4-year guarantee, you're given the ultimate reassurance and peace of mind as a parent.

Discover seats kids love to sit in and craftsmanship parents love - explore the range of Cosatto Car Seats , Prams and more available at Halfords.

Discover our favourite range of Cosatto Products available at Halfords below.

Cosatto Car Seats

Cosatto Car Seats

A Cosatto Car Seat is an investment in your child's future.

The range of Cosatto Isofix Car Seats provide safety, comfort and peace of mind for both your baby and you.

Explore the range of Cosatto Car Seats available at Halfords over on the right. below.

Cosatto Zoomi Car Seat

Offering sturdy support and revolutionary features, the Cosatto Zoomi Car Seat will keep your child safe and secure whilst in the car.

This Group 1/2/3 Car Seat is suitable for children from 9 months to 12 years old – or 9kg to 36kg – Cosatto Zoomi Car Seat grows with your child, with the 5-position adjustable headrest, making this an investment piece that's in it for the long haul.

Cosatto Zoomi is Forward-facing and fitted to your car with a standard three-point vehicle seatbelt.

Cosatto Zoomi Car Seat features the unique 5 Point Plus Anti-Escape System.

This additional Anti- Escape system easily clips to the chest pads and helps reduces harness escapes by 90%. Trailer specific to fit your car seat for no extra charge.

To keep your child comfortable, the Cosatto Zoomi Car Seat features tummy and chest pads, and comfy padded armrests – all of which are removable, so you can wash the covers to keep them clean if any in-car splodges and spills occur.

Find out more about the Cosatto Zoomi Car Seat online at Halfords.

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Cosatto Travel Systems

Cosatto Travel Systems

Having more than one way to carry your baby or child when you're out and about can sometimes be too much hassle – that's why Cosatto Travel Systems are the perfect solution.

With multiple features built into one design, you won't ever have to worry about taking a carry cot, pram or high chair with you again – your Cosatto Travel System does it all for you.

Explore the range of Cosatto Travel Systems available at Halfords over on the right. below.

Cosatto Giggle 2 Travel System

The Cosatto Giggle 2 Travel System makes life easy, thanks to the all-in-one system with award winning features.

The Cosatto Giggle 2 includes a cosy kit, clever stroller with a rain cover and hood, and a shoulder bag with a handy changing kit, you have everything you need for a day out with your little one.

You can fold down the Cosatto Stroller element of this travel system, and its super lightweight meaning you can easily carry and transport it if you need to.

Adjustable handle heights ensure you're able to push the Cosatto Pram with ease and comfort. A rain cover and UPF50+ hood keeps your child covered from all elements. Giggle 2 is your any-weather hero.

The versatile shoulder bag is great for baby's bits and bobs and lets you change your child easily. The cosy kit keeps them comfy on the go.

Find out more about the Cosatto Giggle 2 Travel System online at Halfords today.

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Cosatto Prams

Cosatto Prams

Getting around has never been easier, thanks to the clever collection of Cosatto Strollers.

With fun designs and comfortable, secure seats for little ones, the range of Cosatto Prams will make your life that much easier and engage your baby from the start.

Explore the range of Cosatto Prams available at Halfords over on the right. below.

Cosatto Woosh

If you're looking for a luxury, compact pushchair, the Cosatto Woosh Pushchair should be your first choice, suitable for children from birth up until 25kg in weight.

The sturdy aluminium frame and lightweight structure makes this Cosatto Woosh long-lasting, and with a one-hand compact fold, it's easy to manage your baby and get your Cosatto Buggy in the car at the same time.

A large basket and under-seat rain covered storage ensure you always have enough room for your baby's things – and with front and rear suspension, you're guaranteed a smooth ride and a cosy, comfy little one.

The Cosatto Woosh features incredible luxury fabrics - the double-length hood and visor offer UPF100+ protection and a multitude of hidden pockets are great for all those little things you need when you're out with your baby.

With an industry leading 4-year guarantee, the Cosatto Woosh Pushchair is a must for new families.

Find out more about the Cosatto Woosh online here at Halfords.

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