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Trunki Bikes & Scooters

New & Exclusive range of folding Trunki bikes and scooters…
The only range of bikes and scooters that you can ride, tow, carry and fold flat.

Trunki Bikes

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Folding Balance Bike With carry/tow strap & bag
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Trunki conbined bikes
Lightweight balance bike with a unique folding mechanism, carry/tow strap & bag. Easy to fold, Pack, Tow & Carry with you on ALL your adventures.
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  • Durable Construction
    Lightweight aluminium frame & puncture proof tyres. Built to last.

  • Unique Simple, Push to Fold Bar
    Easy to pack away for travelling or carry over your shoulder after school run drop off.

  • Child Safe Folding Mechanism
    Twin buttons to ensure safe, adult only operation.

  • Simple to control
    Learn to steer, teaches balance and coordination.

  • Height Adjustable Handlebar
    Four positions to accommodate children as they grow.

  • Carry/Tow Strap
    Allows it to be transported, hubs on pushchairs, or over shoulder & stored easily in garage or shed.

  • Bag
    To keep things clean whilst being carried & stored.

  • Extra Wide Rear Wheel & Brake
    To keep things clean whilst being carried & stored.

Cycle & Scooter Care

Keep your prized possession in top working order with a Halfords Bike or Scooter Care Plan. The plan includes everything you need to keep your bike or Scooter in fantastic working order, without having to lift a finger!

Electric Bikes

A great way to make sure your kids bike is in tip-top shape so the fun never stops.

  • Annual Bronze Service
  • Unlimited puncture repair
  • Unlimited safety checks & adjustments
  • Free parts & accessories fitting
  • 10% off parts
  • 10% off accessories when you buy your bike

All for just £10

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Electric Bikes

Keep your little one rolling on with our Scootercare.

  • Unlimited safety checks & adjustments
  • Free parts & accessories fitting
  • 10% off parts
  • 10% off accessories when you buy your scooter

All for just £5

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All for just £10

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All for just £5

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Trunki Ride On Suitcases

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Una the Unicorn

Whether your off to an Enchanted castle or the Great British seaside, the Trunki Una the Unicorn Ride on Suitcase will provide you a magical journey no matter where you are.

This little case will keep any young traveler fully prepared for their travels, and full of enjoyment for the journey ahead.

trunki unicorn

Trunki Booster Seat

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The Trunki Boostapak is not just a car seat, but it’s also a cool backpack!

With BoostApak you’ll always have a car booster seat with you. BoostApak is a spacious, hand luggage approved rucksack that doubles as a booster seat, making it perfect for car-pooling and holidays.

trunki boostapak

Trunki Seatbelt Pads

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The Trunki Seat Belt Pads are a fun way of preventing your child’s neck from rubbing on the car seat belt.

With a pocket for MP3 players this seat belt pad doubles up as an innovative feature for the comfort of your children when on long journeys.

With a range of characters available, from Trunki Dinosaur to Penguins, as well as colours such as Trunki Pink and Blue.

The universal fit of the Trunki seatbelt pads fits the majority

of cars and is secured by a Velcro strap.

snoozihed range

Trunki Toddler Reins

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The Trunki Toddler Reins are a great way to keep your little ones by your side.

Help them learn how to walk with safety, with Trunki Toddlepak Backpacks – available in fun and creative designs in order to allow your children to have fun with these safety reins.

Choose from either Ollie the Owl or Felix the Fox, and are designed so that the shoulder and waist straps can be adjusted for a comfortable fit.

The Trunki Harness has reflective detailing, with the toddler reins fitting from the front, fastening securely at the back in one quick and simple movement.

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