Guide to Bringing Tech into your Ride

There are several fantastic pieces of tech on the market which will hugely enhance your cycling experience. Check out our cycling technology guide for some of the best ways to introduce tech into your ride.

Cycle Computers & GPS

Cycle computers and GPS are a great way to track your performance, providing data on the distance you've travelled, your speed and how many calories you've burned. Whether you're commuting to work or racing up a hill, you can monitor all of the vital info. They are also useful for mapping your route taking the hassle out of trying to navigate that tricky country ride. They can be easily attached to your bike so you can easily check you are heading in the right direction, both in terms of your goals and quite literally! Cycling technology has developed a lot over the last few years. Outlined below are some of the best current products on the market.

Polar M460 Cycle Computer with Heart Rate Monitor

This Polar M460 cycle computer boasts some excellent features to assist you on the road. It has stable integrated GPS so you will stay connected wherever you are. This means you will know exactly where you are no matter where your day takes you. Another advantage of this nifty piece of kit is it also has a heart rate monitor so you can keep a close eye on your pulse and monitor your performance. This will help you to achieve your fitness goals consistently. The Polar M460 has an impressive 35 hour battery life so you don't have to charge it very often. Less charging means more time on the road!

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Garmin Edge 520 Plus GPS Cycle Computer

The Garmin Edge 520 Plus is the next step up in cycle computers. It features advanced navigation, including new navigation alerts and the preloaded Garmin Cycle Map with turn-by-turn directions - on and off road. Equipped with the latest up-to-date route information, you can rest assured that you are always headed in the right direction! With the added preloaded Strava Live Segments, you can compete second by second with your fellow riders. This means that you can track your performance in real-time right on your screen. In short, you can keep one step ahead of the competition! The Garmin Edge 520 Plus also features rider-to-rider messaging so you can communicate efficiently via innovative smart notifications and built-in Incident Detection. This is a great function as it allows you to be informed of your friends' locations safely so you can meet up along your journey.

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Garmin Edge 1030 GPS Cycle Computer Bundle

The Garmin Edge 1030 is the king of cycling computers! Along with the benefits of the 520, the 1030 has a bigger screen and a bigger battery life. The Garmin Edge 1030 gives you preloaded the TrainingPeaks app allowing you to bring workouts from your coach directly in front of you on the stunning 3.5 inch screen. Never miss a tip or guidance from your coach again! The Garmin Edge comes with a Trendline popularity routing feature, which allows you to use billions of miles of rider data to show you the best on and off-road routes so you always know the best route when you are out on the road. Along with the rider to rider messaging we saw on the 520, the 1030 offers a more advanced communication tool, allowing you to respond to missed phone calls or texts with pre-written messages so you will be able to keep on top of all those notifications! In summary, this innovative gadget allows you to keep on track, informed and social whilst you tackle your cycling route.

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Fitness Watches

Millions of riders this year are looking to measure their cycling activity with common fitness watches such as a FitBit. Although brilliant on general activity, it lacks the accuracy and ride data analysis that more dedicated cycling watches can offer.

Nuband Touch Fitness tracker

The Nuband Touch is a great affordable way to track your activity and sleep. With its simple touch 2.5 cm super bright LED screen display you can have a smooth user experience between each feature allowing you to keep on top of all aspects of your progress. With its phone notification features such as voice calls, text and social media alerts, you can keep your hands firmly on the handles whilst still keeping up with your social life. If you want to stay focussed on your ride the Silent Buzz feature will ensure you don't get distracted.

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Polar Vantage V

The Polar Vantage V is the ultimate in multisport fitness watches. With an impressive 46mm screen, you can track your progress clearly in real time while you are cycling. This advanced smart watch features a pro-level GPS tracking system; post-ride you can map out and start to assess your performance which will really take your tracking and ride enjoyment to another level. Boasting a huge 40-hour battery life, you can be rest assured one full charge will last you for nearly 2 days. The Vantage V comes with the advanced Polar H10 heart rate sensor, allowing you to combine optical heart rate measurement with skin contact measurement. This cutting-edge heart rate monitoring means you can keep on top of your performance changes.

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Smart Turbo Trainers

With the unpredictable weather here in Britain, a turbo trainer could be the just the purchase for you. Some of the best smart turbo trainers can mimic those steep hill climbs and can be linked up to your computer for the ultimate indoor training experience.

Elite Novo Smart Turbo

The Elite Novo Smart turbo trainer can mimic slopes of up to 6% incline with a maximum resistance of 1500 watts. It comes equipped with wireless communication via Bluetooth and ANT+ so you can connect to apps and training programmes on your phone, tablet or PC and follow workouts designed by pros. With the support of these apps and programmes, you are much more likely to challenge yourself and train harder. It includes a 12 month subscription to the Elite My E-Training App which has some great training programmes and challenges and the ability to export your training ride directly to Strava for your friends to see so you can share your progress and motivate each other or engage in some healthy competition!

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Tacx Flux 2

Want to step it up a notch? The Tacx Flux 2 offers a higher slope simulation to the Elite Novo Smart Turbo at 16%. With this added slope simulation, you can really test yourself against a more challenging incline/decline. Couple this with some performance measurement tools using Strava you have an accurate partner to improve your training compared to the Elite. With ANT+ and Bluetooth smart technology, the Tacx Flux can ensure your bike training is smartly connected with your current apps. This set up at home can really help you stay connected and focussed on your #training goals.

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Tacx Neo 2 Turbo Trainer

This best-in class turbo trainer is the pinnacle of indoor bike training. The Dynamic Inertia and Descent Simulation offers silent, realistic and accurate training, from the comfort of your own home. The Cadence Sensor feature provides you with an improved cadence measurement with its contactless capacitive sensor. This allows you to really work on the pace of your riding technique. Another great feature is the innovative Pedal Stroke Analysis allowing you to analyse and work on your right and left balance. This in turn can lead to an improvement on your balance when you take to the road. With a more powerful chip to the Tacx Flux 2 this turbo trainer gives you a smoother, quieter and more responsive resistance control.

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Introducing a cycle computer, fitness watch and turbo trainer into your cycling is guaranteed to bring huge benefits to your cycling including navigating with ease, staying social on your rides, challenging yourself with friends and making sure you achieve your fitness goals!