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Fixie Bikes at Halfords

Fixie Bikes have no gears and no freewheel. This means they're a great option if you want to get fit because if you want to move, you have to pedal. This sounds tough, but it actually makes them incredibly efficient.

A Fixie Bike is also incredibly low maintenance, really taking you back to basics. With fewer moving parts, there's less to go wrong and there's less to keep moving smoothly.

Another advantage of a Pinarello Fixed Gear Bike is that they're extremely lightweight. Many of us have struggled onto public transport with a heavy, geared bike in the past. With one of these, that problem is solved!

If you need any more help, head over to your local Halfords store where our trained staff will be more than happy to offer guidance, and will even build your bike for free! (Excludes Trax bikes.)