Why should I buy E-ScooterCare?

E-ScooterCare is a service bundle to keep your electric scooter running smoothly. For just £40 a year, you'll receive a great selection of services, checks, and discounts to give you total peace of mind that your e-scooter is safe and serviced.

There are plenty of reasons to cover your electric scooter with E-ScooterCare:

Added Protection

An electric scooter is an investment, and one that we know you’ll be keen to look after. By opting for E-ScooterCare, you can make sure that your electric scooter is fully protected should it pick up any wear and tear as you ride.

You can be safe in the knowledge that our expertise and advice will keep your e-scooter moving for the whole year, without any unexpected fees or nasty surprises. We're here to keep you and your scooter safe whenever you need us.

Keeping safe

Safety should be a key priority for all riders, and besides wearing a helmet, there’s no better way to keep yourself safe than by making sure that your scooter is in perfect working condition. If you ride a scooter with faulty brakes or a flat tyre for example, you run the risk of damaging your scooter or injuring yourself.

With our range of services - including unlimited free safety checks, unlimited brake adjustments, and tyre inflation and pressure checks - you can be sure that both you and your scooter remain in good health, without damaging your wallet.

Long-term savings

If you’re regularly using your electric scooter, then over the course of a year you’re likely to want your brakes adjusted, some new accessories, or the odd puncture repaired. Instead of spending money every time you hit a bump in the road, you can save in the long run by opting for E-ScooterCare when you purchase your electric scooter.

For just £40, you’ll have everything you need to keep your electric scooter in working order for a full year, so you can avoid hefty fees every time something goes wrong. Plus, you'll also receive 10% off accessories and parts so you'll be saving on every purchase related to your electric scooter too.

Learn more about our E-ScooterCare protection package, including how to sign-up, here.

What’s included with E-ScooterCare?

With your E-ScooterCare bundle, you’ll receive all these benefits and services, carried out by one of our experts:

  • Inner tube sealant service to prevent punctures*
  • Free inner tube fitting**
  • Unlimited brake adjustments
  • 10% off accessories and parts
  • Free accessory and parts fitting
  • Unlimited free safety checks
  • Tyre inflation and tyre pressure checks
*Scooters with pneumatic tyres. **Parts not included

Can I purchase E-scooterCare for any electric scooter?

E-ScooterCare is available for any electric scooter brand that Halfords stocks, even if you didn’t purchase the scooter from us.

Do I have to buy E-scooterCare at the time of purchasing my electric scooter?

We recommend purchasing E-scooterCare when you buy your electric scooter to make sure that it’s protected from the first use, but, as long as your e-scooter is in full working order, you can purchase it afterwards too.