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About fitness trackers and watches at Halfords

Our range of fitness and activity trackers are designed to help you monitor and take control of your health and fitness levels. These wearable devices can be worn around your wrists, and they have taken the world by storm - becoming an essential piece of technology for many due to their sheer versatility and the level of insight they provide.

Activity trackers to suit all wrists

We stock some of the best fitness trackers, and best budget fitness trackers, to cover all price points. And, with a great roster of brands covering mens, women’s and kids fitness trackers, there’s something to suit everyone.

All our fitness watches from Nuband feature a large, bright display and will track your steps, speed, distance travelled and calories burned. As well as this, they also feature a sleep tracker which will monitor your sleep patterns and serve insights back to you.

Introducing the Garmin smartwatch

Our range of Garmin smartwatches feature an impressive battery life, spanning up to seven hours, and sleek displays. With all the smartwatches we stock, you’ll find a built-in alarm with snooze functions to help get you up on time, while the splash-proof capabilities will protect against water damage. A free iOS or Android app is also available and compatible with all Apple and Android phones.

Premium fitness watches

Our more premium fitness watch models come from Polar, which are super sleek and feature heart-rate tracking. You’ll also receive notifications with your daily steps, distance and calories burned, as well as advanced sleep analysis. With our premium activity trackers, there’s also the option to use your phone’s GPS to track speed and distance during outdoor workouts. And with a great battery life, you’ll be able to experience all of this for up to 96 hours on a single charge.