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Supplementing your body before, during, and after endurance training is key to aiding your performance and helping you to recover after you have finished your ride. Eating the right food is a massive part of helping you build stamina and endurance. Whether you need energy or hydration Halfords supply a full range of sports supplements, energy bars and gels to help you achieve your optimal performance, with options from top brands like High5 and Science in Sport. The High5 Zero is light and refreshing sports drink with a fruit flavour, it comes with 20 tablets which dissolve quickly, and is suitable for a wide range of sporting activities. With no colours or preservatives, the tablets include Vitamin C and electrolytes to help your body recover after a hard training session. The SiS gels REGO Rapid Recovery is developed to be consumed straight after a training session to allow for successful muscle recovery. Available in four flavours the nutritional formula encourages the body to recover more effectively after a hard training session, and get you ready to go again for the next round.The Bio Synergy Skinny Protein Shake is low in calories but high on taste. Containing green tea and chromium to speed up your metabolism and prevent sugar cravings, it fulfils your sports nutrition needs while helping you to lose weight. All of our Halfords sports supplements are available to order online today. Or take advantage of our free click and collect service, and pick up your energy bars and energy gels at your local Halfords store .