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Turbo-trainers and rollers are the perfect accessories for the stay-at-home cyclist. Strap on any road bike and you’ll be able to exercise in your own home. When using a wheel-on turbo trainer, your existing rear wheel will rest against the pressure pad which will apply resistance. On a direct-drive turbo trainer, you remove the rear wheel and secure your frame to the turbo, with your chain threaded onto the cassette on the unit.

The choice of which turbo trainer depends on your bike and budget, but both will give you a painful workout if you’re brave enough to take on the challenge. To turbo-charge your training, you can link some turbo trainers to training apps on your phone and online to track performance and stats like power-output, distance and speed.

If you’re shopping for a new turbo trainer, don’t forget the crucial cycling accessories you need like a front-wheel riser block and a turbo-trainer mat. If you’re planning on clocking up lots of digital distance, a fan is also a great investment.