Employee Benefits

Halfords for Business can now offer your organisation a whole suite of employee benefits. Whether you are looking to encourage active travel, take the stress out of car maintenance or reduce your carbon footprint, we are here to take your employee benefits to the next level.


The salary sacrifice initiative designed to get your employees pedalling to a healthier lifestyle.

  • Access to 98% of the bike brands available on the UK market
  • Retrospective invoicing so you can start the scheme now and pay later
  • Hassle free end hire, managed completely by us at no cost to your employees
Car Maintenance Salary Sacrifice
Car Maintenance Salary Sacrifice Scheme

Make motoring safer, greener and car maintenance more affordable for your employees and their families through our Car Maintenance Salary Sacrifice Scheme.

  • Employees can spread the cost of car servicing, MOTs, repairs and tyre replacements over a 12-month period and save up to 12% along the way
  • Access to Halfords Mobile Experts and 300 trusted Halfords Autocentres across the UK
  • The scheme can even be used by family members to further increase household savings
E-Mobility Salary Sacrifice
E-Mobility Salary Sacrifice Scheme

A new, innovative and exciting alternative to offer your workforce.

  • The UK’s first electric scooter salary sacrifice scheme
  • Employees can save up to 12% on the cost of a new e-scooter or e-bike
  • Access to over 460 Halfords stores across the UK
Supported Cycling
Supported Cycling

Take charge as the employer and promote cycling both inside and outside the workplace.

  • Encourages employees to utilise a sustainable mode of transport
  • An initiative that benefits the environment and relieves parking space issues
  • Employees can redeem within any Halfords store
Supported Motoring
Supported Motoring

Relieve financial stress by subsidising the cost of accessories and services for vehicles.

  • Ensure staff financial wellbeing by contributing towards their car maintenance costs
  • Ability to provide company car drivers with safety essentials
  • Hassle free solution with minimal admin
Bike Fleets
Bike Fleets

Promote active travel for staff commuting across or between sites.

  • Opportunity for employees to take bikes out for exercise and leisure
  • Cheaper on-site transport running costs for the employer
  • Product suggestions, logistics and delivery all handled by Halfords for Business

Don't know where to start?

If you’re not sure exactly what your business needs, just click here to get in touch with us and we can book in a consultation with one of our Employee Benefits Experts.