Car Maintenance Salary Sacrifice Scheme

The cost of car maintenance can be one of the biggest financial burdens on your workforce and their household incomes – and that’s why we’ve created our Car Maintenance Salary Sacrifice Scheme! Through the scheme, employees can save up to 12% by spreading the cost of any work on their vehicle(s) over a 12-month period*. The scheme covers MOTs, servicing, repairs and tyre replacements, and it can even be used to maintain other family members’ vehicles too!

car-maintenance Salary Sacrifice
  • By paying through salary sacrifice, basic-rate taxpayers save 12% while higher-rate taxpayers save 2%

  • Access to Halfords Mobile Expert and 300 trusted Halfords Autocentres across the UK

  • Take advantage of promotional and online offers in conjunction with the scheme

  • By helping staff to plan ahead and to keep their car well maintained, you will improve financial wellbeing and productivity within the workplace

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Benefits for Employers

  • Introduce a benefit which will resonate with a large percentage of your workforce who commute by car.

  • Improve attendance, productivity, and your employee’s financial and mental wellbeing

  • Support company green initiatives – a well-maintained vehicle has reduced CO2 emissions

  • Helps engage and retain current employees while attracting new ones

  • Employers have full control over the amount employees can apply for through the scheme

  • Flexible salary sacrifice periods set by the employer.

  • Available to all colleagues including solutions for those on National Minimum/National Living Wage

  • Solution to protect employers against the risk of early leavers

Car Maintenance Salary Sacrifice, Benefits for employees

Benefits for Employees

  • Spread the cost of essential car maintenance such as car servicing, mot, tyre replacement and car repairs and save up to 12%

  • The amount employees can apply for through the scheme is flexible and it can be used on multiple repairs or maintenance across the year

  • Access to a range of additional benefits including free vehicle safety checks, Brakes4Life and access to sale and promotional offers

  • Access to Halfords Mobile Expert and 300 trusted Halfords Autocentres across the UK

  • The scheme can also be used by family members to further increase household savings

  • Well-maintained vehicles will reduce a household’s CO2 emissions

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