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Car Batteries

We all know that batteries don't last forever, but a car battery has a life longer than most. Alas, when it goes it's never at a convenient time - you can guarantee it'll be during the school run or on the way to work.

Car batteries last for around 4 years, but cold weather is the biggest culprit for cutting that life short. Thankfully, replacing a battery is easy and doesn't take long - exactly what you want to hear on a chilly winter morning!

At your local Halfords (or online!) you'll find a huge range of brands to choose from; whether you want a Halfords' car battery or a Yuasa battery. Car battery prices are something people take into consideration when shopping for a new one, which is why we have something to suit every budget.

And if you don't want to fit it yourself? No problem. For a small charge we'll fit your new battery for you, letting you drive off safe in the knowledge that you have another four years left! Simply find a store near you and add fitting at the checkout