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Air Fresheners at Halfords

Smells are inextricably linked to memory, which could go someway to explaining why people love that new car smell. Even when it disappears you can recreate it thanks to a car air freshener.

Not into new car smell? No problem! Perhaps you fancy the fruity scents of a Jelly Belly air freshener, or maybe you'd like to be whisked away to an isle of coconuts, courtesy of Yankee Candle.

Gone are the days when air fresheners were just bits of cardboard, dangling from your review mirror. Now you can hang up a sweet-smelling tropical flower garland, or stick a little plastic man to the vents.

Car scents have come a long way too - from black cherry to strawberries and ocean air to fresh linen, there are hundreds of delightful smells to choose from and you're bound to find a car perfume to suit you.