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we Fit £5.00
we Fit £5.00
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Only £25.64 with Motoring Club premium
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About our range of Wheel Trims and Alloys

A set of wheel trims are a great mod to start out with. They’re cheap, easy to fit and look great. In fact, they’re one of our most popular car accessories.

Why invest in alloy wheels and trims?

Whatever vehicle you’re driving, the wheels are likely to take a beating from the road all year round.

They have to cope with scrapes, slams and damage that would leave any of us looking a little worse for wear . A new set of alloys can run to thousands of pounds, especially when you consider the cost of new tyres and fitting. Our replacement wheel trims give you the alloy look for less than the price of a tank of petrol.

A new set of wheel trims are a good investment if your standard hubcaps are broken or damaged. As well as looking good, they can improve your car’s resale value too.

Tips on buying new hubcaps

Before buying your new hubcaps, you’ll need to know the size you need. It’s easy to find the size of your existing wheel. Every tyre should be marked with a code. R14 indicates you’ll need a 14” inches, R15 a 15” wheel trim and so on. Armed with this information, you’re ready to go.

You can check out all of our wheel trims and alloys for sale online. To keep your new investment safe, make sure to buy a Halfords wheel trim security kit. To keep them looking good for longer, check out our comprehensive collection of car cleaning kits.

We carry a full range of wheel kits online with free delivery available if you spend over £20 and free returns. If you need some help choosing or want to see your new trims in the flesh (well, freshly sealed in their packaging) then head to your local Halfords store where you’ll find a massive range of exterior styling products to personalise your car. Use our Click and Collect service and your new wheel trims will be waiting for you when you arrive.