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About our range of car shampoos

A bucket of warm water and some washing up liquid might get your car clean, but you’ll be left with a streaky finish. Every car clean should start with a washdown using proper car shampoo. It will gently remove anything on top of your car’s finish, without damaging it.

Why use car shampoo?

The best car shampoos will coat your vehicle in a vibrant, velvety lather that can be washed away to reveal the true beauty of your car. You can go old school with your cleaning and use a bucket and a sponge, but we also have a range of shampoos engineered to be used with pressure washers.

Shampoos and car washing products from Halfords

As well as car body shampoo, we have products for windscreens, glass cleaning, and even wheel cleaning too. Use them all and you’ll give your car a long-lasting shine. We stock products from market-leading brands, including:

- Autoglym car shampoo

- Karcher car shampoo

Car detailing may not be the most glamorous of activities, but doing it yourself is an attractive option. Not only is it cheaper than taking your car to a garage, you can also get peace of mind knowing that you’ve the job properly with the best products around - and the best place to find those products is right here at Halfords. As well as car shampoos, we stock premium car polish, car wax and cleaning kits to help your car look good for longer.

Together, they’re still likely to cost less than a decent detailing session at your local car wash. Buy the best car shampoo and car cleaning products you can, online or at your local Halfords store, because your car is worth it.