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Pressure Washers & Hoses at Halfords

Few of us ever look forward to cleaning, particularly when it involves tough surfaces like patios, garages, stonework, bikes or cars. Luckily, at Halfords we stock an extensive range of pressure and power washers which are able to sizably reduce your workload by doing much of it for you!

Our washers are able to make any surface shine with minimal ease and mess, and often come with special attachments which minimise the fuss of even the trickiest jobs, such as various nozzles for jet streams, foam streams and more, car shampoo, brushes and blasters.

Our catalogue includes leading brand Karcher and their popular model the Karcher K2, which we see as the perfect choice for almost any job you can think of! Additionally, we stock a great variety of add-ons, from multiple types of pressure washer hose, extension hoses and different kinds of brushes and lances.

With all this in mind, we're here to ensure that you're able to accomplish the perfect wash every single time! For expert advice about what you need, visit a Halfords store. Our team will be more than happy to advise on the best possible washer for you!