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Sump Plug & Sump Pan

A sump pan (often referred to as just 'sump') is used for collecting oil that's already been around your engine. It's the lowest part of your engine, meaning it's very easy to get damaged. If yours is in need of replacing you'll find that you're losing oil.

The sump plug is a bolt at the bottom of the sump pan, enabling oil to be drained from the engine when you're doing an oil change.

Many people like to replace the sump plug whilst doing an oil change - it's relatively inexpensive and leaves you with peace of mind that the part is new and not likely to split.

If you're looking for a replacement oil sump, ordering from Halfords really couldn't be easier. Whether you're looking to grab something quickly and go or you want it delivered to your door, we're able to help either way. We're even on hand to give you any help and advice you need.