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Protect your car from thieves with Halfords range of car security. One of the simplest and most effective ways to improve your car’s security is to fit a steering wheel lock, but wheel clamps, vehicle trackers, solar security lights and number plate locks will also provide extra security for your cherished motor. Shop Halfords range of car security products from the most renowned brands below.

  • Steering Wheel Locks

    Steering Wheel Locks

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    Wheel Clamps

  • RFID Blockers

    RFID Blockers

  • GPS Trackers

    GPS Trackers

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    Van Locks

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About Car Security at Halfords

Car theft is an all too common occurrence in the UK. Our range of car anti-theft devices and driveway security deterrents can help protect your cherished car or vehicle from criminals. Our car security range includes:

Steering wheel locks

There are common-sense ways to keep your car safe at home, from installing security lights to keeping valuables out of sight. However, it’s also wise to invest in anti-theft devices like a car steering wheel lock, which acts as a significant deterrent for thieves.

We sell car wheel locks from a range of quality brands, including Disklok, as well our Halfords own brand range.

Car trackers and RFID

To take your car security to the next level, consider investing in driveway security technologies as well as your in-car security. We have a great range of GPS car trackers that can help you locate your vehicle in the case of a theft, as well as high-quality, motion-activated LED lights to dissuade thieves- and even driveway security cameras to give you extra peace of mind. We also stock RFID solutions which block the signal from your key fob to help prevent keyless entry theft, which has seen a significant rise in recent years.

Our entire car security range is available to buy online with free delivery and returns over €40. If you spend over €99 you can spread the cost with our interest-free credit packages. If it’s easier, drop in to your local Halfords store and use our Click and Collect services.