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A synthetic oil for a classic car? No, we’re not mad. The team at Millers Oils have created a range of synthetic vintage car oil that deliver exceptional performance without any negatives. 

New generation fully synthetic oils provide extra protection for high-stress and high-wear areas, with no detrimental effects on engines or seals. Synthetic oils are highly stable, which means they’re able to perform well at start up and at speed, keeping your engine running sweetly and smoothly. 

Millers Oils is a UK-based business that has been manufacturing premium engine oils and lubricants since 1887 – that’s older than most classic cars. Today they’re one of the most trusted names on the road and the racetrack. 

You’ll find Millers Motorsport Oil as part of our massive range of Engine Oils and Fluids. In store and online you’ll find everything you need to keep your pride and joy purring.