Change Your Air Filter

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All cars have an air filter on the engine that stops dust and dirt getting into the engine. This filter gets clogged up over time and needs to be replaced as it can cause a smoky exhaust, resulting in a possible MOT failure and increased fuel consumption


You'll need:

  • New filters of the correct type for your car
  • A clean rag

  • Step 1 - Remove Glove Box

    In this car the filter is behind the glove box, so that has to be removed first.

    Step 2 - Release

    Release the catches on either side of the filter compartment.

    Step 3 - Remove Filter

    Slowly and carefully slide the filter carrier out of its compartment.

    Step 4 - Replace Element

    Unclip the filter element and remove it. Fit the new element, observing any markings to show which way round it goes.

    Step 5 - Remove from Housing

    The engine air filter is in this housing. Carefully release the clips on either side.

    Step 6 - Remove Filter Element

    Pull the front half forwards and remove the filter element. Wipe the inside of the housing with a clean rag before fitting the new element.

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