All cars have an air filter that stops dust and dirt getting into the engine. It catches contaminates from the outside air before they reach the combustion chamber, preventing any unwanted damage.

This filter gets clogged up over time and will need to be replaced, as it can reduce air flow to the engine, reduce your fuel economy, and can cause the engine to misfire.


You'll need:

  • New filters of the correct type for your car
  • A clean cloth or rag
  • Suitable tools such as a screwdriver and socket set.

Step 1 - Find the Right Car Air Filter

First, you’ll need to purchase the correct replacement air filter for your vehicle make and model.

You can use our car parts finder to locate the right one – just enter your vehicle registration number to be shown all the parts that fit your car.

Step 2 - Locate the Air Filter Housing

The air filter is usually found near the engine, so open the bonnet and locate the housing. It should be a black box with a large hose coming out of it.

Step 3 - Remove the Filter Cover and Filter

Next, open the air filter housing to remove the filter. Different makes and models may use different fastenings, such as screws, wing nuts, or a quick release clamp. Check what type yours uses and locate the correct tool to remove it.

Step 4 - Clean Filter Housing

With the old filter now removed, use a clean cloth to remove any dust or dirt from inside the housing before you fit the new filter. A portable vacuum cleaner can also help here.

Step 5 - Fit New Air Filter

Now the housing is clean, you can fit the new air filter. Take note of any instructions as to which way round to fit it, and simply place it into the housing.

Step 6 - Replace Filter Cover

With the new filter in place, you can refit the filter cover.

Manufacturers generally recommend that your air filter is replaced every 15,000 to 30,000 miles or on an age-based interval such as 1, 2 or 3 years – this will be determined by each individual manufacturer. Your air filter is also replaced during our annual full service.

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