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Only £4.74 with Motoring Club premium
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About our adhesives and tapes for vehicle repairs

Any great mechanic knows that to get the best results, you need the best products. While you may have some old glue or tape in the cupboard or the toolbox, car glues, adhesives, tapes and sealants are created to high-standards, which mean they won’t damage or destroy the finish on your car.

Our range includes:

Adhesive masking tapes

Our tape offering includes reflective tapes, silicone tape, standard masking tapes, and heavy duty masking tapes that are more resistant to weight and weather.

Epoxy glues

We stock epoxy glues from leading brands such as Gorilla, that are non-toxic once cured and resistant to solvents. These can prove to be a handy alternative to welding and soldering when used on metalwork.

Car putty and sealant

Specialist car glues, putty and sealants are hard-wearing products that are built for a life on the road. They’re also able to withstand the weather. We have specialist car tapes too that will help you to carry out rapid repairs and detailed restorations or touch-ups. If you need cable ties, we’ve got those too for those urgent fixes (and for tying up cables too).

Alongside our hard-wearing Halfords range, you can find brand names including Gorilla, Harris, and Velcro - all at the best prices around. Buy online with free delivery over £20, or drop in to your local Halfords store to shop the entire range of car body repair products. We’re sure you’ll find something that makes you stick around.

Tapes and Glues FAQs

Although super glue can bond very quickly to metal, wood and plastic, it can be easily removed with acetone with is commonly found in nail varnish remover. An alternative is to wipe the area with alcohol, which will also help break down any remaining glue. Acetone is only recommended for untreated wood, so vinegar or warm soapy water is a gentler option that is less likely to damage the surface.

Super glue can dry in a matter of seconds. However, it can take up to 24 hours for it to set completely. During this time, it’s best to leave any glued parts untouched to ensure full bond strength.

Super glue’s fast drying formula is great for DIY projects but not so great if you find some left on your hands. Thankfully, super glue can quickly be loosened and removed from skin with either warm soapy water, olive oil or lemon juice.

Superglue is designed for long lasting repairs. It quickly bonds to a variety of materials including wood, metal, ceramics, and some plastics. Most brands have a clear formula to create clean looking and tidy repairs. Superglue is also quick drying, making it a DIY essential. Popular glue brands include Gorilla, Loctite and Bostik.

We recommend testing masking tape on a small discreet area before using fully to ensure you will not cause any potential damage to the surface. However, there are several simple ways to easily remove masking tape residue from surfaces such as rubbing the area with:

  • Warm water
  • Alcohol
  • WD-40

Heat resistant tape, often called aluminium tape, should be used during DIY tasks that involve high temperatures, where regular adhesive tape would not be suitable. For examples, repairs on your car exhaust or ventilation and duct repairs.

While you may be concerned about using double sided tape on your vehicle, it’s designed to be safe on paintwork. Double sided tape is often easily removable, however, using warm water can help the tape peel away smoothly.

Masking tape and painter’s tape are very similar and are often both used for paint jobs. Some masking tapes, however, may not peel away as easily if left for an extended period during a DIY job.

There are a variety of tapes that can be used for many kinds of DIY jobs. Some of the main types of tape and their uses include:

  • Masking tape – general purpose, DIY and autobody repairs
  • Double-sided tape – mounting items to a variety of surfaces
  • Duct tape – general sealing, patching and repairs
  • Heat resistant tape – high temperature repairs
  • Cloth tape – sealing walls, electrical and plumbing jobs

Masking tape can be used for a variety of general purpose and DIY jobs including:

  • Car body repairs
  • Decorative paint jobs
  • Support when gluing items together
  • Labelling