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About our range of lacquer sprays

Virtually all cars require some form of bodywork maintenance from time to time. That’s because chips and scratches can quickly remove paint.

However, after respraying your car with the right paint, how do you protect that new paint, give it a clean finish, and make your money go further? Car lacquer sprays. That’s how.

At Halfords, we stock a fantastic range of lacquers, including:

What is lacquer?

Lacquer is a liquid solution comprising a resin substance (shellac) dissolved in alcohol. Once applied, it dries and hardens to form a strong protective coating.

In liquid form, lacquer is easy to apply via a spray canister, and it typically hardens within three hours of application.

Beyond protecting your paint, lacquer sprays can enhance the look of your vehicle through delivering a specific type of finish, whether that’s a glossy or matte look- and clear lacquers from Halfords contain a special UV inhibitor that can help the lacquer last longer.

Need help choosing between lacquer sprays?

If you’re unsure of exactly which lacquer product is right for you based on your vehicle and paint type, head down to your local Halfords store for advice from one of our experts.