Halfords Car Safety Month

We understand the importance of motoring safety here at Halfords, particularly as the nights grow longer, the weather colder and the roads more challenging for drivers. And that’s why we’ve launched our Halfords Car Safety Month campaign.

Running from 5th October to 1st November 2021, Halfords Car Safety Month highlights the key areas of your car that you should be checking as we move into autumn and winter. There are four themes in total and within each we explore what you should be looking out for, how you can ensure your car stays safe on the road and what support we can offer.

Theme 1: Tyres and tyre safety

Driving on slippery, icy and dark roads can be challenging and that’s why it’s so important to make sure your tyres are in a good condition.

In our first article, we begin by introducing the three main areas that you should keep an eye on if you want to ensure your tyres remain roadworthy, before discussing useful products to have to hand such as pressure and tread gauges, tyre inflators and Tyreweld.

We also look at the benefits of all-season and winter tyres, and the Halfords services that will help to keep you moving – including our two exclusive Safety Month offers (our Free 10-Point Winter Car Health Check and half-price wheel alignment).

Find out how to keep your tyres safe this winter

Theme 2: Halfords checks and services

Here at Halfords, we offer a range of checks and services that are designed to help you stay safe on the road – particularly during the more challenging conditions of autumn and winter.

In our second article, we focus on the various free checks that you can book at stores and/or autocentres, including our Free Battery Health Check, Free Brake Check and Free Steering Check.

We shine a spotlight on our Brakes4Life offer as well as our Free 10-Point Winter Car Health Check, which is an exclusive Safety Month deal.

Finally, we explore the various Halfords MOT and servicing options that you can book on a day and at a time that suits you.

Discover our Halfords checks and services

Theme 3: Halfords Mobile Experts

We know it’s not always possible or convenient to make it to one of our stores or garages. That’s why our Halfords Mobile Experts can bring many of our services straight to your doorstep.

In our third article, we look more closely at the services provided by our Halfords Mobile Experts and how the whole process works.

From booking the appointment and preparing your car to what happens on the day of the appointment, this article walks you through the process from start to finish so that you know exactly what to expect.

Learn more about our Halfords Mobile Experts service

Theme 4: Darker nights

Your car batteries, wiper blades and car bulbs have to work harder than ever during the darker nights and harsher weather of autumn and winter, so keeping an eye on their condition is key.

In our final article, we share some top maintenance tips that will help to ensure that your batteries, blades and bulbs continue to support you throughout the colder months.

Starting with batteries, we look at the impact of winter on this essential component and how you can help to ensure that your car starts every time you turn the key (or push the button).

Moving on to wiper blades and we discuss the signs to look out for and what to do if your blades need replacing. Finally, for bulbs, it’s all about the benefits of replacing them in pairs and how you can find the perfect new bulbs.

Find out how to maintain your battery, wiper blades and bulbs

Free 10-Point Winter Car Health Check

As part of Halfords Car Safety Month, we’re offering our 10-Point Winter Car Health Check for free between 5th October and 1st November 2021 – saving you £15! The check includes the following:

  • Headlight and brake light check
  • Wiper blade condition check
  • Battery health check
  • Windscreen chip check
  • MOT due date reminder
  • Tyre depth check
  • Tyre inflation check and top up
  • Oil level check
  • Screenwash top up
  • AdBlue and coolant check

It only takes around 30 minutes and is available at all Halfords stores and autocentres. All you need to do is find a date and time that suits you.

Book a Free 10-Point Winter Car Health Check