Scooter Battery Fitting

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Your scooter's battery can run out of juice just like any other. If you're in need of a new one to get you back on the road, look no further than Halfords!

If you buy your scooter battery from us, we can fit it for just £15 (€18). To keep things simple, there's no need to book - just pop down to your local store and ask. We've got a range of fully charged and ready to go scooter batteries that we can fit for you.

Please be aware that all fittings are subject to pre-inspection in-store.

Motorcycle batteries at Halfords

As well as our selection of scooter batteries, we also stock a huge range of Yuasa Original Equipment motorcycle batteries.


When you buy any new battery from us, we can recycle your old one for free. Government legislation means that getting rid of your old battery isn't as straightforward as you might think, so why not do your bit for the planet and let us take it away?

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