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A flat battery can stop a journey before it even starts, but with a battery charger, you’re the one with the power. There are many reasons why your battery might be flat. Over time car batteries can lose their power and efficiency, extreme weather can deplete them, or you could simply have left the lights on by accident.

Whatever the reason, a battery charger can help get you back on the road quickly. Car battery chargers use the mains supply to recharge your battery. Once plugged in, simply attach the charger to the correct terminals on your car’s battery and it will restore its power.

Car battery chargers aren’t only great at fixing flats, they can also be used to provide what’s called a maintenance charge. The electricity is ‘trickled’ to your car’s battery, keeping it healthy while the car isn’t being used, when in storage, for example. Some of these are even solar-powered , running on the free electricity from the sun!

If you need an instant burst of power, then a jump starter may be a better choice. These devices are essentially bit batteries that can be attached to your car’s battery. Switch them on and it will provide enough charge to get your engine running again. The jump starter can be recharged by plugging it into the mains.

Selecting the right car battery charger or jump starter depends on the size of your car, the type (whether it’s automatic or not) and your budget. We offer a range of car battery chargers suitable for every budget. You can see how the charger performs in the real world by checking out the 100% genuine user reviews.

If your battery keeps losing its charge, it’s worth looking into whether you have a problem. Our in-store experts can check the condition of your battery and advise you about its health, and we also offer a wide range of car battery maintenance products to help get you moving.

It’s impossible to plan for everything, but if you’ve got an urgent need, don’t forget you can find your perfect charger online and reserve it. Our Click and Collect service will ensure your new charger will be ready to collect in minutes. We also stock a whole range of accessories to keep your car in perfect working order.