Energy Bars, Drinks & Gels for Cycling

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Whether you are cycling in a competition or long distance on the road, many people experience a slump in energy levels during the ride. One way to tackle this is to consume foods made especially for these situations.

About our Cycling Nutrition During range

Halfords offer a great range of cycling nutrition products to consume during exercising including energy bars, energy drinks and energy gels.

Electrolyte Energy Gels

Science in Sport sells food products tailor-made for eating during unwanted energy slumps when exercising. Their electrolyte energy gels deliver easily digestible carbohydrates, sodium, potassium and magnesium - a great way to increase energy levels and maintain fluid balance in the body.

Energy Bars

Namedsport provides energy bars and energy gels to consume during cycling. Buy energy bars in bulk with their pack of 25 Total Energy Fruit Bars supplying 30g of carbohydrates and multiple vitamins.

The Best Cycling Nutrition During Exercise

For more information on how to develop a successful cycling nutrition plan for before, during and after exercise, you can read our guide. Or browse our range of pre-workout cycling foods, and recovery nutrition.

All of our Halfords sports supplements are available to order online today. Or take advantage of our free click and collect service, and pick up your energy bars and energy gels at your Local Halfords store.