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Only £9.50 with Motoring Club premium
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At Halfords, we understand the need for a great car sound system and a quality bass sound is essential to enhance the sound experience whilst driving.

The best way to achieve that enhanced sound is to add a car subwoofer to your vehicle. Adding additional car amplifiers will give you that sharper sound and increased clarity.

Car amps and subwoofers offer you effortless bass by reducing compression, improving dynamic range and reducing distortion, making the sound and feel of your favourite music resonate through you as you drive.

Halfords supply traditional subwoofers as well as underseat subwoofers that stay conveniently out of sight, while providing the extra dimension to your music you require.

Traditional car speakers don’t provide enough low-frequency sound to add that extra depth to your music, whereas the best subwoofers for your car are dedicated to enhancing the low frequencies to really improve your listening experience.

A good subwoofer or car amplifier can really make the difference with how you experience your music while driving.

One of the great benefits to the range of car amplifiers available from Halfords is the convenience in how they fit into your car, our car amps come in a range of sizes that can be easily fitted in your car, and can remain easily out of site if required. And you don’t have to worry about having to fit your new car subwoofer or car amplifier, as Halfords offers a low cost fitting service in-store, so you can drive away enjoy your new sound system in no time.