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The battery in your car may only measure a measly 12v, but that’s more than enough to give you a nasty shock. Insulated tools protect you if you come into contact with a live source. That could be a battery or live wire in the home. Normal hand tools won’t offer as much - or in some cases, any - protection from harm. The advice from us is that if you’re working with electricity, use the right tools.

We sell a wide range of electrical tools, including screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches and socket sets. Insulated tools are more expensive than bog-standard tools because they’re built to exacting standards.

You’ll find our insulated tools as part of our massive selection of hand tools. Shop online or at your choice of Halfords store . Use Click & Collect to have your new tools delivered to your local Halfords, or spend £40 with free home delivery.

If you’ve already got a set of insulated tools, it’s worth regularly checking their condition. Any damage could affect how well they perform and the protection they offer. If you want professional-quality tools that will last a lifetime, check out our Halfords Advanced range of screwdrivers, spanners and pliers. We’re so confident in our tools that we guarantee them for life.