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About our range of spanners and wrenches

A decent spanner and wrench does more than just loosen and tighten bolts; they are staple tools that give you confidence to tackle those challenging DIY projects. .

What’s the difference between a spanner and a wrench?

Spanners are solid metal tools that are fixed to specific sizes, whereas wrenches are adjustable. Your car, motorbike or van is likely to have thousands of bolts and fixings, but thankfully they usually conform to certain sizes.

Spanner sets

Our spanner sets contain a variety of sizes that are suitable for use on all vehicles, including bicycles. We also sell combination spanners, which feature two heads - one open-ended and one with a ring profile.

Ratchet spanner sets

Our ratchet spanners are perfect for difficult jobs that require you to tighten a nut or bolt without allowing for any slips that could occur with traditional wrenches. The heads of these tools (on one or both sides) feature metal teeth that ensure the spanner remains tightly attached to the nut while tightening.

Halfords’ advanced ratchet spanners feature Surface Drive Plus technology which allows you to apply 28% more torque before rounding, and requires only five degrees of movement while turning - perfect for operating in tight spaces.

Adjustable wrenches

Wrenches are used for one purpose only; to tighten, or loosen, bolts or nuts. You’ll need the correct wrench size to match the nut you’re trying to tighten, and that’s where either our standard wrenches or adjustable wrenches could come in handy.

The length of the wrench arm is also something to consider, as longer arms enable you to apply more torque to the nut which can give you the peace of mind that the nut is properly fastened. Also, consider the space you have to work with and move around in when choosing between a longer or shorter wrench arm.

If you’re in need of more power for a difficult job, consider a torque wrench and make sure you have the right sockets to accompany.

Great quality and value guaranteed by Halfords

If you’re looking for great quality at the best price, our Halfords Advanced Range of tools are engineered to perform and come with a lifetime guarantee. You can find all of our spanners and wrenches for sale online or on display in-store. Spend £40 to enjoy free home delivery, or Click & Collect to have your new tools ready to collect the next day at your choice of Halfords store.

Generations of mechanics have found the right tools at Halfords, find yours today.