Vredestein Quatrac Pro (245/45 R18 100Y) XL 4307251

Vredestein Quatrac Pro (245/45 R18 100Y) XL
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Vredestein Quatrac Pro (245/45 R18 100Y) XL 4307251

£158.99 each
Price includes fitting
  • Short braking distance and superb handling on wet roads
  • Great safety, even when winter surprises you
  • Tailor-made for powerful cars and SUVs
Only £151.04 with Motoring Club premium
EU ratings C
EU ratings B
EU ratings B (71dB)

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Wider longitudinal grooves combined with diverging grooves in the shoulder area optimise water evacuation from the tread pattern.

Increased water evacuation from the tread pattern maximises safety on wet roads, even at high speeds.

Sophisticated compound with high silica and resin content to give excellent traction on wet and snowy surfaces

Highly equal pressure distribution means sipes in the centre area are very effective on snow.

Snowflake symbol indicating compliance with EU winter tyre regulations (ECE R117).

Distinctive winter and summer side to ensure high performance in all seasons.

Wider centre ribs for optimal steering sensitivity and controllability.