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LED Car Bulbs Buyers Guide

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LED lights are a great alternative to standard halogen bulbs in your car; they last longer and put out a bright, white light.

LED Car Bulbs Buyer's Guide

LED lights are a great alternative to standard halogen bulbs in your car; they last longer and put out a bright, white light. They can be used as interior lights at any time, but can only be used as exterior lights (brake lights, number plate lights etc) if used off-road.

Below, we've outlined some of the reasons why you may want to invest.

Longer life

LEDs use less energy than conventional bulbs, increasing their longevity. They're also vibration resistant, making them more resilient to the rattle, shake and bumps from driving. This makes them particularly valuable for off-roading.

Whiter light

For side and reversing lights, LEDS give out a crisp, white light. All light has a "colour temperature", which is measured in kelvins. The higher the colour temperature, the whiter the light. For example, a standard bulb has a colour temperature of around 2700 kelvins, which is a warm, yellow-toned white light. A white LED has a colour temperature of around 6000K, which is a much crisper, blue-toned white light. This whiter light gives vehicles a high spec look and is excellent for colour matching to daylight running lights.


Because LEDs last longer and thus need replacing far less frequently than standard bulbs, they'll save you money in the long run, as well as saving you time that would otherwise be spent maintaining your vehicle.

Brighter light

Light is measured in lumens, and a higher lumen rating equals a brighter light. LEDs can be just as bright - or brighter - than standard bulbs.

Easy to fit

LEDs require no wiring changes to your vehicle, making them an easy way to upgrade.

Lower risk of a flat battery

Because LEDs draw less energy from the battery, if you accidentally leave a light on it's less likely to drain your battery. Handy if you have a habit of leaving the interior light on.

Faster reaction time

LEDs light up more quickly that standard bulbs, giving other drivers more time to react. This is especially useful for brake lights.

Types of LED light

Standard LEDs

Standard LEDs can give out a whiter light, but don't have the higher lumen output and brighter light of standard bulbs or higher spec LEDs. However, they are still lower energy and which means a longer life.

Upgrade LEDs

With a whiter light and higher lumen output, upgrade LEDs give out a crisp white beam alongside great performance.

Filament style LEDs

Filament style LEDs are the latest in LED technology and they give a more even spread of light that traditional LEDs. Conventional LEDs feature a series of diodes that all emit light in a narrow beam, so it can be difficult to get an even beam. On the other hand, filament LEDs feature diodes within a halogen-style filament, which evenly distributes light. Filament style LEDS combine a long life and crisp white light with the even light distribution of a traditional bulb.

Which bulbs can be LED?

The bulbs that can be replaced by LEDs include side, fog, indicator, brake, tail, number plate and interior lights. These can all be upgraded without wiring changes.

LEDs are only legal when used as interior bulbs or off-road.

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