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Fitness trackers can help you get up, move more and improve your health. From the school run to a fun run, a dog walk to a family walk, the Garmin vivofit helps you find fitness in everything you do.

Research shows longer periods of inactivity decreases how many fat-burning enzymes your body produces. You can reverse this effect by taking frequent, short walks. If you forget to move for a while, the vivofit reminds you!

vivosmart Activity Tracker with Smart Notifications

Tap vivosmart to display your steps, distance, calories burned, time and more. Also see if you?ve achieved your personalised daily goal and get reminders of when to move! When you get a text or call on your smartphone vívosmart vibrates - touch and swipe to read more.

Sync vivosmart with Garmin Connect, Garmin?s free on-line portal to see your progress and compare calories consumed to calories burned in MyFitnessPal.

Garmin Vivofit
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