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Kicker Speakers at Halfords

The simplest and most effective upgrade that you can make to any vehicle is to replace the speakers.Focusing on their unique bass-driven sound signature, Kicker has created a wide range of speaker options to cater for any budget.

The DSC line up is no exception and represents fantastic value for money, compatible with the most popular vehicle fitments with minimal effort. Get your high performance upgrade at Halfords today.

Kicker Subwoofers at Halfords

Famous the world over for their awesome performance in bass, Kicker Subwoofers are the perfect low frequency addition to your car audio system. Whether it's a boot-mounted enclosure, or even something more subtle fitted under your seat, it's now easier than ever to add bass to your vehicle.

If you enjoy your music loud with bass notes to match, then look no further than an active subwoofer enclosure from Kicker at Halfords.

Kicker Amplifiers at Halfords

If your system just doesn't go loud enough, you want to run a subwoofer, or you'd simply like to improve sound quality, you'll definitely want to add an amplifier. The Kicker DXA range of amplifiers is a great way of boosting performance without breaking the bank.

Increase your power with 2 or 4 channel amplifiers, or run passive subwoofers with a choice of monoblock amplifiers. Whatever your needs, Kicker has the solution.

Kicker speakers
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Kicker bass pack