Britax Car Seats & Booster Seats | Halfords


Whether it's the first trip home from hospital or a visit to see the grandparents at the weekend, Britax believe that every journey should be free of worry and full of confidence that your child is as safe as they can be.

That's why Britax continually drive standards in child car safety, so that you're free to enjoy every minute of every journey. The range of Britax car seats available at Halfords has been designed to ensure the very best in comfort and safety wherever you need to go.

What is ISOFIX?

Britax developed the ISOFIX system together with Volkswagen back in 1997. It's now an international installation standard for car seats in vehicles, and is a much easier and more secure way of attaching child seats to cars. Because ISOFIX car seats are connected rigidly to your vehicle's chassis without using an adult seat belt, they reduce the risk of the seat being installed incorrectly, and significantly increase the safety of your little one.


Britax believe that wherever you are and however you travel the only path you follow should be your own. The Britax range of strollers, pushchairs and prams available at Halfords are designed to make anything possible. Your destination? Now that's down to you!