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For superior car cleaning and protection, look no further than the fantastic range of Autoglym products brought to you by Halfords.


Autoglym Products at Halfords

For superior car cleaning and protection, look no further than the fantastic range of Autoglym products brought to you by Halfords.

Autoglym's technically advanced car care products are at the cutting edge of the industry, building up a reputation for quality among professionals and car enthusiasts alike.

Keep your vehicle looking pristine inside and out with the selection of Autoglym polish, shampoo, interior cleaner, and much more from Halfords - simply click on the links below to see what we have available.

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Autoglym Polish & Wax
Autoglym Shampoo
Autoglym Car Interior Cleaning
Autoglym Kits
Autoglym Polish & Wax

Keep your car gleaming with Autoglym's polish & wax, offering a high level of shine & protection.

Autoglym Shampoo

For top-performance cleaning that will keep your vehicle looking showroom new.

Autoglym Car Interior Cleaning

Freshen up your interior with this selection of quality car care products.

Autoglym Kits

Autoglym kits allow you to buy all the essentials in one go, plus they make great gifts for drivers.

Autoglym Polish & Autoglym Wax - For Unbeatable Shine

Autoglym car polish & wax provides the finest results when cleaning the outside of your vehicle.

For a particularly sleek look, check out the new Autoglym Super Resin Polish, featuring high-end coating technology that leaves a glossy shine as well as restoring your paintwork.

Follow this up with Autoglym High Definition Wax for a dazzling, smear-free finish, offering long-lasting durable protection for your bodywork.

Remember, using car polish and wax on a regular basis will help to keep your car in top condition, retaining its value and minimising the effects of everyday wear and tear.

Autoglym Shampoo - Performance Cleaning

Quick and easy to use, Autoglym car shampoo provides a deep clean that tackles traffic film, dirt and grime on your car's exterior.

A popular choice is the Autoglym Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner, which works in harmony with Autoglym polish for a glossy finish that preserves your paintwork's appearance.

As well as keeping your car looking good on the road, regular care and attention with car shampoo and polish will prevent its appearance from aging.

Combine Autoglym shampoo with other Autoglym products for the best performance - see our full Autoglym range for more information about what's on offer.

Autoglym Kits

Autoglym kits at Halfords contain a selection of bestselling Autoglym products that are designed for a professional-looking clean on the inside and the outside of your car.

Autoglym car cleaning kits make excellent gifts for car enthusiasts, and are also a quick and great-value way to begin building your collection of high-performance car care products.

We have a range of kits available, each containing a selection of items such as Autoglym shampoo, wax, and wheel cleaner, plus some handy accessories such as sponges and cloths.

Take a look at our car cleaning kits range to see exactly what's included.

Order Autoglym Products Online

Autoglym products can be reserved online and collected from your local Halfords store - simply browse online, pop any items you want into the shopping cart, and select 'reserve & collect' once you get to the checkout.

You can also buy car cleaning products online, and we'll deliver them to your home or place of work.

That's helpful, that's Halfords - order all your car maintenance essentials today.