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Castrol Oil at Halfords

Take a look at our outstanding range of Castrol oils online. Get the ultimate protection for your engine, whatever your needs.

From high performance oils to everyday defence from damage, you can put your confidence in Castrol oil, and increase your engine life.

To keep your engine in great condition, view the Castrol range by clicking below, or select the correct oil for your car using our oil selector tool.

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Castrol Edge
Castrol Magnatec
Castrol GTX
Castrol Oil Selector

Use our Castrol oil finder to select the right oil to keep your car running smoothly. Just type in your vehicle registration
and pick the right one.

Castrol Edge

Castrol Edge is specially developed for outstanding protection in high performance engines. Ready to adapt
to extreme temperatures.

Castrol Magnatec

Castrol Magnatec will deliver protection from the moment you start your engine, with superior performance in
cold conditions.

Castrol GTX

Perfect everyday protection. Castrol GTX helps to maintain performance and helps avoid the build-up of harmful
sludge deposits.

Castrol Edge - For Superior Protection

With newer high performance engines putting more strain on moving parts you need an oil you can trust. The only separation between metal to metal contact in the engine is a thin layer of oil. With increased friction in high performance cars, you need one that's strong enough to work under extreme pressure.

Castrol has developed a special system called Fluid Strength Technology™ which they put into every bottle of Castrol Edge.

It helps to:

  • Adapt to a range of driving conditions and speed.
  • Reduces metal to metal contact.
  • Enhances performance and engine efficiency.

For enhanced engine performance, ask for Castrol Edge when you next need oil.

Castrol Magnatec - Resists Engine Wear

Engines need protection all the time, not just when driving. From the moment you turn the key, you need all those critical parts covered.

Castrol Magnatec differs from other oils as its clever molecules cling to the surface of your engine when it's cold, right through to the moment you switch the engine off.

Providing instant long lasting protection, Magnatec builds up resistance to wear and gives great performance in all conditions, especially cold temperatures.

Castrol GTX - Fights Against Leaks

If you're looking for all round protection for everyday driving then Castrol GTX is for you. As engines age, seals can weaken and cause leaks, significantly increasing oil consumption. To avoid this you need an oil that not only protects, but helps prevent further wear.

As an everyday oil it's perfect for a peace of mind. If your engine has high mileage, many parts of it need some extra care to keep them in good condition.

GTX also works to help prevent oil build up and 'sludge' within your engine. This gradual build up can eventually lead to oil not being able to lubricate properly, damaging the engine. So choose Castrol GTX for superior engine protection.

Castrol Oil Checks & Top Ups at Halfords

If you're looking to fill up with Castrol, Halfords are here to help. Our oil check & top up will keep your car running smoothly, and help you avoid expensive dealership prices.

Our oil check is completely free and a top up service is just 1.99, so pop into your local store today for a peace of mind.