Pinarello at Halfords

If you?re after a handcrafted bicycle that not only looks great, but has cutting edge performance then look no further than Pinarello. Mixing Italian quality and style these high end bikes ooze elegance. However, Pinarello bikes aren?t just made for to catch your eye, their winning reputation lies in their solid performance.

Pinarello is built on passion, the founder, Giovanni Pinarello adored bikes and raced successfully until he decided to turn his knowledge to bicycle manufacturing. This saw Pinarello being born during WW2 in an affluent part of Italy. With his racing experience, Pinarello was at the forefront of sponsoring teams, which is a tradition that has continued throughout its history. Pinarello is now the bike of choice for Sky Pro Cycling, Team Movistar, and the British Cycling Team.

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