Cycling to work isn’t exactly a new concept, but as cars and public transport become more expensive and local authorities crack down on pollution in city centres, bikes are looking more likely to be the next major mode of transport for short distance commuters.

But getting a bike around a tight city centre flat, then onto a train or tube, then into the office is a hassle right? Well, not with a Brompton.

Take a look at our top reason why a Brompton bike could not just be your next bike purchase, but also a suitable replacement for your current way of getting into the office

1. They fold up

This one may be slightly obvious if you’ve already heard of Brompton, but a revelation if you aren’t a keen cyclist. Brompton bikes are designed to fold away into a compact, lightweight shape that makes them easy to carry, store or squeeze into the tiny gap between seats on the train. This means you can still cycle pretty much anywhere, without having to argue with the bus driver or squeeze awkwardly into the end of the train carriage.

2. They’re comfortable to ride

Naturally, Brompton bike wheels and frames are much smaller to enable the whole bike to stay compact when folded, but this doesn’t mean you’ll be hunched over a short set of handlebars pedalling furiously to get up a small hill.

Using adjustable handlebars and a full-sized seat post, you don’t need to crouch over or bend your knees – just ride along as you normally would, no bad backs or soreness from awkward positioning!

3. They’re light

If you’ve ever tried to wheel a road or mountain bike onto a train, then you’ll know how hard it can be to bump the back wheel up the step or struggle to carry a a heavy steel frame down to the platform. Brompton bikes feature lightweight components as well as reduced overall size, so picking your Brompton folding bike up is easy, even with one hand.

4. They’ll last a long time

Brompton understand that folding bikes will take some punishment. From constant folding and unfolding to dealing with knocks and bangs on public transport, Brompton’s insistence on using premium quality materials and strenuous stress testing means their range of bikes can take pretty much anything thrown at them. This focus on premium also means they require very little maintenance.

5. They’re incredibly easy to use

Anything that folds up or collapses can be a bit fiddly (we’re looking at you, ironing board), but Brompton bikes avoid this issue completely. With a bit of clever design and smart locking system, Brompton bikes can be folded and unfolded within seconds and with all mucky bits tucked out of the way.

6. They pay for themselves

Let’s face it, driving to work or even taking public transport can rack up serious costs, and who wants to waste cash on getting to the office? Brompton bikes are completely free to ride once you’ve bought one, plus you can probably get rid of that gym membership too with all the extra calories you’ll burn cycling to work!

The other great thing about buying a Brompton bike from Halfords is the ability to spread the cost over 12 months, making this brilliant folding bike even more affordable.


7. They’re very safe


Thanks to the smaller wheels and comfortable riding position, Brompton bikes are very responsive, gliding over potholes and around obstacles. You can also select to have built-in lights fitted, including a pedal dynamo option, so you’ll be seen by other road users when it’s dark.

The other big safety benefit is the fact that Brompton bikes can be stored inside the office rather than parked up at the rack outside, making them much less susceptible to theft.


8. You can tune them to your style

With a huge range of colours to choose from, as well as Brompton clothing and matching bags from big names like Barbour and the Cambridge Satchel Company, you can customise your Brompton to match your look – perfect for standing out from the crowd!


9. They’re not just for the commute

Who said you can only use your Brompton for the ride to work? Thanks to their compact size, Brompton bikes can be taken pretty much anywhere. Just shove it on the plane, train, bus, or in the car boot and get exploring!

Test ride your next Brompton bike at your local Halfords store, or learn more about the range at

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