Leaving your car on your driveway or in a garage overnight are some of the safest ways to keep your pride and joy away from thieves.

However, it doesn’t always work. One video on i News shows how thieves took just 40 seconds to steal a Mercedes from a driveway using a car relay box. While figures reveal that around 85,000 car thefts took place in the UK in 2017.

The good news is that by just taking a couple of extra simple precautions, you can instantly reduce the likelihood of these kinds of incidents from happening to your car.

Here is a list of top tips and products to help you get started.

Turn your car wheels into the curb

A simple but effective trick is to turn your wheels into the curb or towards another vehicle. As a result, this will make it a lot harder for thieves to make a speedy getaway in your car.

Or to be extra safe, you can secure your car wheel with the extra sturdy and affordable Simply Steering Wheel Lock.

Keep your valuables out of sight

While this might be obvious when you’re out and about, it’s easy to forget when you park your car at home. Try hiding any expensive electronics in the boot or take them into your house.

If you must leave an electronic piece of equipment in the car, you should make it the Stoplock Pro Elite Wheel Immobiliser. This handy gizmo will set off an alarm if a thieve tries to use the wheel when it hasn’t been deactivated, giving you enough time to call the police.

Park your car facing the house

While reversing into your driveway might seem more logical and forward-thinking for the following day, it makes it harder for you to see your vehicle overnight.

Give yourself every chance by keeping your car wheel insight.

Watch them

Technology has come along way in such a short space of time, especially in the home security industry. The IP Dome Camera 1080P (718845) gives you a crystal clear vision of your car at any point in the day. Position it out of sight and you have evidence if the worst was to happen.

As a top tip, try including a sign on your car or nearby saying that the thief is being watched by CCTV. This should put them off from attempting the crime in the first place.

Light it up

If a thief is going to attempt to steal your vehicle, you should make them clearly visible to the world. The LED Robotic Security Light instantly lights up when an intruder steps foot onto your driveway or land.

This should either alert you or your neighbours, scare them off completely or make it easier for you to record them committing the crime.

Move your keys away from the door

A lot of homeowners naturally leave their car keys next to the front door for quick and easy access. But in doing this, you’re unintentionally making it easier for thieves to break in and get away quickly. Instead, try moving your keys into another room.

Or for extra safe keeping, check out the Key & Phone Blocker (721310). This handy piece of kit will allow you to stop thieves from using your stolen phone or car keys – should they get away.

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