Car Security Buyer's Guide

After a home, a car is probably the second most expensive purchase in many people's lives. So imagine waking up one morning to find that your pride and joy has gone missing from your driveway. Sadly, thieves are still out to steal cars, despite many countermeasures that make selling stolen cars more difficult than ever. 89,000 cars were stolen in 2017, a huge 53% increase from 2016, stretching police resources to the max when it comes to recovering missing vehicles.

The best way of preventing your car from becoming another statistic is to take some preventative measures. There are quite a few innovative ways of deterring thieves or even preventing them from driving your car off altogether, so we asked our car security experts at Halfords to create a guide to the best tips, methods and products to improve car security no matter where you leave your car!

Car security systems

We've got a wide selection of car security products available, from fool-proof hardware that will make life hard for thieves, all the way up to ultra-smart solutions that rely on technology to keep vehicles safe.

Driveway cameras

CCTV cameras used to be expensive and tricky to install, but now there are many brands that make life much easier thanks to wireless connectivity and easy mounting on walls or even in the windows of your home. A single camera may be enough to keep an eye on your drive or even record activity with the help of a smartphone app, but you can also get multi-camera kits that allow you a few extra angles, keeping your car extra safe.

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Did you know?

Dummy cameras are a cheap and easy way to put thieves off attempting to steal your car. Looking just like the real thing, dummy cameras won't actually capture any footage, but act as a deterrent - plus, you won't need to install any wires!

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Security lights

Quick and easy to install, security lights can be connected to your mains power supply and pointed over your driveway or at the space where you park your car most often. If someone goes near your vehicle, then the movement sensor on the light will switch it on, making it look like someone is switching a light on to check for suspicious activity. They're also handy on dark nights too, lighting up the driveway when you get in and out of the car.

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Steering Wheel Locks

This great no-nonsense car security solution relies on brute force to make it harder for thieves to drive your car away. Using either a metal bar and locking system (your typical steering lock) or a cover that goes over the entire wheel to keep it in place, your car won't be going anywhere in a hurry even if thieves manage to get in and start the engine. The beauty with steering locks is that they'll likely act as a deterrent if a thief peers through your car window - handy even if your car is parked away from home.

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Wheel Clamps

If your car wheel has a wheel clamp on it, then it really isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Extremely strong steel and pick-proof locks make it extremely difficult for thieves to remove them, even with power tools. Definitely a great visual deterrent!

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Door Defenders

A locked garage is the safest place for your car, but the locking mechanism on a thin garage door can be worked around quickly by an expert thief - that is, until you put a door defender in place. These extremely strong steel T-bars with added armoured padlock jam the garage door in place, making it virtually impossible to open without power tools!

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Key Security

Did you know that thieves are able to clone the signal your key fob gives out and then use it to unlock your car once you've left it unattended? Prevent this sneaky trick from happening with an Anti RFID theft wallet. Made from material that blocks all signals sent to anything stored inside it, you can prevent your car keys, contactless credit card or even mobile phone from being hacked when you're out and about.

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Smart Trackers

Car trackers are clever little devices than can be installed discreetly inside your car, acting as a little spy if your car is taken without consent. Sending a signal via GPS to your smart device, car trackers can be used to provide an up to date location to the police so they can recover your vehicle for you. They're also handy if you just want to check if your car is still where you left it!

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Dash Cams

Dash cams are the little cameras that sit on your dashboard, in front of your rear view mirror or even pointed out of the back window. Although they're designed to keep you safe on the road, some dash cams have a parking mode that will capture any tampering with your vehicle, a handy feature for catching crooks in the act!

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You're now fully up to date on car security and won't be as prone to vehicle theft even with just one of these products. Don't forget that you can always get plenty of help and advice from our car security experts in-store, so don't be afraid to ask!