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Don’t let bad weather stop you from training. Our range of turbo trainers, rollers and accessories will make sure you never miss out on cycle training again, allowing you to turn your bike into a stationary bike and cycle in the safety and warmth of your own home. Shop the range now for when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

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Saris Speed & Cadence Sensor 159 views today
Saris MP1 Nfinity Platform 159 views today
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  • Multiple Axes Movement : Yes
  • Fully Assembled : Yes
  • Weight : 28kg
Spread the cost From £24.72 per month
Saris Replacement Clutch Knob 159 views today
Elite Folding Training Mat 159 views today
£29.99 £25.00 save £4.99

Turbo trainersbuying guide

Turbo trainers are popular among professional and hobby cyclists alike, allowing them to continue their cycling training even in treacherous weather conditions and poor light by turning their road bikes into a stationary indoor bike. Here at Halfords, we’ve got a number of accessories for both Tacx & Elite turbo trainers to make your indoor cycling more comfortable, including bike trainer stands, sweat guards and floor mats. If you want to protect your new wooden floor, or reduce the noise from your turbo trainer - bike trainier mats are a popular turbo trainer accessory.

With a non-slip coating, training mats will ensure your safety when getting on and off your bike, allowing you to concentrate on your cycling. If increased wear and tear on your road tyres is a concern, then our range of turbo trainer tyres are perfect for you. WIth a special rubber compound, trainer tyres reduce the risk of slipping, overheating or increased wear whilst using your turbo trainer. But that’s not all, the special rubber compound makes the tyre a lot quieter than standard cycle tyres, so you can cycle in one room without causing too much disruption to the rest of your family! If you’ve got a high-tech smart turbo trainer, then the Tacx Tablet Handlebar Mount is a must-have, allowing you to attach your tablet onto your handlebar to track your ride, connect to cycling simulator apps or even just to watch your favourite TV series! Suitable for handlebars 26-35mm in diameter and able to adjust to a number of different tablet sizes, this is the perfect accessory for anyone with a smart turbo trainer.

So whether you want to decrease noise, increase safety or add some entertainment to your ride, we’ve got the turbo trainer accessory for you.